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Jules Burrell

Tel 07890 197 759

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COVID 19 Update   4th January 2022

The clinic is open for all clients and we continue to practice safely




Are you looking to improve your health, vitality and general sense of well being?


Perhaps you’ve been putting up with a health condition for some time and have tried medication or other therapies, but nothing seems to be helping?


At Acupuncture & Massage Penrith, I offer a friendly, relaxed, professional service to support you on your journey back to better health.


I will work closely with you and together we will design a treatment plan that suits and supports you best, seeking to address the root cause of your issue/illness.

I use Acupuncture to help maintain good health, and it's suitable for all ages and can be used effectively alongside treatments such as IVF, chemotherapy or during pregnancy.

I have an interest and specialist training in women's health, cancer and mental health issues, and look forward to assisting and supporting you in your navigation through these issues.